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Are the files uploaded to the platform encrypted?

Both project and anonymous files are always kept encrypted and secure.

All files, whether they are the original files uploaded by users or the final files processed by our service are kept safely and no one who does not have authorization and permissions to said files will be able to obtain them.

The encryption of the files works with an expiration time, it is MANDATORY to set the expiration time in the projects, in this way when a file is uploaded and / or processed it will be stored in the secure containers until said expiration date.

The application dependencies are also safely stored, but in this case the expiration is not a mandatory parameter, if not, optional. This is done because you may not want public, third-party or open source dependencies to expire every so often and you have to upload them again.

Even so, we recommend protecting the dependencies of your applications, since any security flaw or vulnerability found in it could directly affect your software.

Updated on: 19/07/2023

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